Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Valentine's Day to Be

I've mentioned before that we don't celebrate Valentine's Day.  Bayley, my little precious, was born on February 14.  She will be 21 this Friday, if you can believe it.  I surely can't.

She has gotten much neater when she eats ice cream.  Her brother has not.  Baby steps...

So I thought I'd gather a few of the sweeties & fluffies floating around the internet to share the love with you all a little early.

The perfect Valentine card from Emily McDowell Draws.  I'm not much of a card person.  The year I gave Bayley an unsigned birthday card along with her present has become family legend.  It was a cute card.  Not as cute as these though.

Here's a sweet song you may not have heard, by youtube sensation Kina Grannis.  I love the video concept...
Valentine heart print dress from eShakti: still my favorite dress shop, bar none.  I know it seems like they show up here a lot, and there is a reason for that-- I love them.  I have a closet full of dresses from them.  Someday I'll do a fashion post where I just show off my eShakti dresses.  It will be a very long post.  I don't have this heart number...yet.

Ever wonder which wine to serve your Valentine?  Wonder no more.  I'm a huge red wine fan, and have started looking in to different pairings.  Jeremy got me a scratch and sniff wine book for Xmas-- how cool is that?

Sevenly Print: Not only is it a fine piece for your wall, for every purchase, Sevenly donates $7 to charity-- great way to share the love.

Foodie Dice from Two Tumbleweeds.  I've booked mark this one, and will be back to make a purchase soon.  I love the idea of rolling dice to answer the "what do you want for dinner" question.  Why is it so hard for us to set up a weekly menu?

There is a paint your own pottery place downtown that Jeremy and I have decided to try out (hopefully next weekend). I'm sure our creations won't be nearly as sweet as these personalized mugs from Twisted River Clay, but we are looking forward to it none-the-less.

A sweet little dream house from 2of2.  I really love it.  It would be perfect on our mantel...

I did a paper rose tutorial a while back.  Catch My Party took it to another level with this adorable paper rose wreath, a perfect how-to for the holiday.   I think I'm going to get out my scissors...

And here are some creepy vintage Valentine's Day cards.  Just in case we were getting too mushy. Weird what people used to think was romantic.

Happy Valentine's Day all!

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