Thursday, April 3, 2014

Quick & Easy Pillow Covers

I had a pile of pillows that needed a little freshening. 

Fortunately, I had amassed a pile of damaged vintage tablecloths just waiting to get used. Here's what I did:

Press the tablecloths and cut about half an inch wider that the pillow on all sides.

Cut two pieces of plain cotton ( if you have enough, you can cut two more pieces of the fabric you have in the front, for three pieces total)

Fold one edge of each of the back pieces over and sew.

Pin the fabric, right sides together,  with the two back pieces overlapping (to make an envelope in which the pillow will fit)

Sew around the edges, trim the corners, flip right side out and press.

And that's it!  How easy!

I did several variations of the same pattern-- I think they came out cute & in about 45 minutes I had 4 refreshed pillows.  Can't beat that!

See!  My obsession with old linens paid off~*  Do you have any quick and easy ways to re-purpose linens or cover pillows?

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