Sunday, January 22, 2012


Valentine's Day, Etsy Style~*
His & Hers Mug Set ... FREE SHIPPING in CANADA
Sock Monkey Doll, His and Hers Valentines Day Set

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His and Hers Pillows, Cool Pillow Cases, Glasses Pillow, Unique Pillow Case Set, Love Pillow Cases
Leather cuff bracelet- to infinity and beyond - blue- his and hers  pair - 1/2  inch

HIS and HERS Set of Upcycled Vintage Silverware Spoons hand stamped
Embroidered PillowCases Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming  King

And for us Sci Fi geeks~* {I am so getting this for Valentine's Day...}
Star Wars Bracelets  Han Solo & Princess Leia: The Princess and the Scoundrel - Stamped Metal Wrap Bracelets on Cotton Cord

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