Tuesday, February 14, 2012

BB Birthday Part 1

Today, as if it hasn't been mentioned enough, is Thing 1's birthday.  Unfortunately, BB also has papers due, so it was decided that the true & proper party will be tomorrow afternoon.

For tonight, the hubs made a delicious vegetarian dinner & we brought it over to her place, along with some small presents & a bit of dessert.

Tomorrow night it will be friends & family & photos, but for tonight it was low key.  That said, we were able to snap a photo of the ever elusive Thing 2...sssshhhhhh, be vewy quiet....

...well so much for the element of surprise~*

Thus, we had to leave the birthday girl to wrestle with themes shared by The Scarlet Letter & Moby Dick {don't ask me, I do history}.  Tomorrow, more frivolity!

Zelda, Thing 1's kitty~*
Until tomorrow!


  1. Good for her for taking her studies seriously. I always feel better when I can get things done and then enjoy my free time fully (I'm going to be honest and say that it doesn't happen often- normally I'm stressing at the last minute!) Rx


  2. awww so nice from u guys =)


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