Wednesday, February 15, 2012

BB Birthday Part 2

What a day!  Fantastic party with fantastic food & phenomenal company! I'll fill in the details tomorrow {along with regular Thrifting Thursday activities} far a the Wishing on Wishful Wednesday, all I wish for right now is a hot bath, fluffy bed & good night's sleep {& if you'll excuse me, I am gonna go make that wish come true}

Yummy red velvet cupcakes made by Thing 1-- who is thinking of going to culinary school (yeah!) after finishing her BA in Brit Lit

Woot!  Presents!

My Beautiful Swedish Ma {aka Nina}

My normally handsome Father {aka Poppy}
who bears no resemblance to Squidward in real life

Thing 1's boyfriend's mother Susie, Thing 2 & the Bday BB
{her boyfriend, Chill Joe "Muffin" McGee is away at college atm}

Thing 1's boyfriend's sister, the lovely Ali, who was hilarious in our photo booth
vignette {more on that story tomorrow}

I think this is Thing 3's most awesome photo manipulation to date!


  1. LOVE that last image- how clever? Rx

  2. beautiful pics, looks like you had a great time =) And I SO want to try red velvet cupcakes!!!!

  3. It looks like sooo much fun & these cupcakes look absolutely delicious!


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