Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thoughtful thriftin' Thursday

Met up with Things 1 & 3 for a bit of thrifting...we did not find anything overtly exciting {though Thing 3 did get an exercise contraption for $1.97}.  For today's snaps, 3 thought the railroad tracks would be fun...

 ...and it was~*

Then we wandered to a nearby creek for a few more.  In an effort to get the shot, Thing 3 stuck her foot into a sinkhole, which led to her performing the rest of the shots sans shoes!

Thing 1; sunglasses/Ralph Lauren; cardigan/Express; shirt/Express; Jeans/Lucky; Shoes/Xappeal
Me: sunglasses/cheap; jacket/Forever21; Sweater/thrifted; Skirt/vintage; Shoes/thrifted; tights/Target; Infinity scarf/Kathryn Greene Crafts
For all the mom's out there taking their children on thrift runs & hoping to inspire them to thrift in turn..alas, no.  Thing 1 grew up thrifting, & having much fun roaming racks & is now incredibly brand conscious...sigh.  She does, however, have phenomenal taste.  Oh, & she turns 19 on Valentine's Day!!

When she was younger, she thought that the whole world celebrated her birthday.  I can still remember her perching on that seat in a shopping cart, looking ''round at all the hanging hearts & flowers & streamers adorning the store & opening wide her big brown eyes & saying "For me?"
Yes BB, the whole world loves you.  It lays at your feet, & it always has~*

Notice Thing 3 & her missing shoes...& her penchant for miss-matched socks!

And now for the thoughtful part of Thursday.

 Smile!  It's almost Friday!

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