Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wishful Wednesday~*

Thing 3 and I went to the store today after class~*

The always lovely Thing 3~*

And I got to use my new camera *giggle*

Texting the boyfriend, who shall here-to-for be known as Stretch

We were both taking pictures...the people at the fabric store must have thought we'd lost our minds LOL
I got some fabric & grosgrain ribbon for an upcoming dress repair...I have a wonderful shift dress with a blue toile type floral pattern which I adore, but it as a tad shorter than I can get away with at work & I am going to give it a mustard border to lengthen looks wonderful in my mind~*

Dress/Vintage 1970's sweater dress; tights/Target; Shoes/Colin Stuart

Thing 3 is still a better photographer than me...sigh...

Ordinarily  I would have wishes today...little dandelion wishes, not gazillion dollar ones....  But life is most sweet today!  Wonderful classes, fun shopping with Thing 3, hubby made delicious potato soup for dinner, my classes are prepped & ready for tomorrow & there is one So Long and Thanks for All the Fish cake  that the Things saved for me ...all & all things are smashing grand.
So this Wishful Wednesday, I will leave the wishing up to you~*


What did you wish for?


Thank you for taking the time to comment! It is most appreciated~*