Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Five Treasures for a Wonderful Wednesday

Well, only 5 treasures for this Wonderful Wednesday {thank you Rachael of sandersonsmithstory for the suggestion}.
I've gotten most of my work done, but there is still a bit left to do & I feel a bubble bath is in order tonight~*

Felted Birdie Pillow / Bluebird / Birdie necklace / Vintage Mugs / Modern Love birds

All the talk of owls put me in a birdie state of mind  {& JoKnows of Woman in Real Life you should definitely get the tee-- trust me its awesome}.  We are currently going through a sudden cold snap that is supposed to linger through tomorrow & I could use a dose of a tweetie spring~*

Now I am off to finish up a wee bit of the presentation for tomorrow {I've gotten the computer one finished, but have a little to add to my HIST2010-- though HUM2020 is all good to go}... just teaching then home tomorrow & only office hours on Friday...the weekend is right around the corner!!

Hope everyone's Wednesday went groovy good & see you on the 'morrow!


  1. I love birdies! Those mugs are great.

  2. I definitely have the owl T on my shopping list. :)

    I also wanted to tell you that I have selected your blog for a Liebster Blog Award! Cuz I love it so! You can read about it at

    Cheers! Joann


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