Monday, April 30, 2012

Wait a Minute Monday

As the name of this post implies, I'm gonna need a minute~*

Today is the last day of class, then its Finals Week. While not teaching takes pressure off, the width and breadth of paperwork that is currently forming a mountain range on my desk is gonna take some time. Plus there are the track meets...lots of track meets {one Saturday in Virginia, one this afternoon at a local school & more & more}. I will definitely post this week, but it may be a bit random & as time allows.

The upside is that after this week, I will be very nearly free & clear. A division meeting on Monday, graduation to attend Tuesday night, then my summer really begins. I have tons of stuff planned-- some academic {refining classes, publishing a few things & working on a book}, some DIY projects I've accumulated over the semester, & even a room remodel for Thing 2. While I'll leave the academia for the academics, I will definitely be posting lots on the others, plus a few rants I've had in mind & a few surprises, no doubt.  I can't wait *sigh*

So here's hoping everyone has a splendid week!


  1. Sounds like you have a busy summer planned. Any trips?

    1. Not any planned ones, though we are always opened to a random adventure!


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