Friday, May 4, 2012

Quick Five Friday

In between dots & dashes for half a tic so wanted to say a hearty hello! Five quick things that are on my mind, in no apparent order, with no actual explanation~*

1. Final papers almost all in-- grading to be done this weekend before final grades are submitted Monday. I do declare I see a light at the end of this tunnel!
I'll get 'em read & graded in no time...right?

2. If other people don't believe exactly what you believe, it doesn't mean that you are being persecuted. In fact, if one demands that others accept a belief or world view, and then mock & belittle those who refuse, that makes one a persecutor, not the persecutee. If one is entitled to a black & white view, then others are entitled to all the shades of gray-- that is what freedom means. Duh. {Grading the aforementioned papers tends to leave me with a desire to rant & no one to rant to...pity you can't deduct points for being a general doofus...}


3.  Wednesday {our first day without any work related activities} the hubs & I are going out on a day date while the Things are at school & I can't wait!  Photos shall be taken & shared~*

All day dates must involve coffee or they don't count...
4.  I desperately need to lose 10lbs over the summer, and I'm feeling sincerely vegetable that end, I will be cooking a lot {the hubs does not cook vegetarian food, though he will eat it}  I have been bookmarking all the delicious recipes that y'all have been posting, & if you have any others to share or sites with more, please let me know!

Carrots & tomatoes & cukes, oh my!



  1. I think you CAN deduct marks because someone is a doofus! Go for it girl! Enjoy your date. I am all for more veg eating too! Have a great weekend.

  2. Enjoy your freedom! I'm jealous of all your plans.

  3. I still need tpo lose 5/6lbs so I'm off to the gym this morning for a step class! Seriously, I haven't stepped foot in a gym (other than to swim with Ben) for a good three years or so! Then I've got a friends hen party but I imagine I'll be walking like a robot after said gym session! Love your date day, me and Steve went out for drinks last week for the first time in yonks and we had a right hoot!

    Finally- fab veggie recipe book called 'River Cottage Veg'- you can probably see clips of the show on Youtube. I have a massive crush on Hugh, the chef- he's pretty much my idea man (opps, I should say other than Steve at this point I suppose).x


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