Monday, May 14, 2012

The Method to My Madness~*

Aaaahhhh the first official week of summer...time to get busy~*
Thing 3 just had her bedroom  done when she moved into the room previously inhabited by Thing 1-- I would include pictures, but her room is presently decorated 'teenage-girl-who-can't-decide-what-to-wear,' so it will have to wait...
This summer, it will be Thing 2's turn.  

In addition to a new paint job, we've got to make his room more functional & less ad hoc & his furniture, which looked really cute when it housed toy knights, rolled tee shirts & hot wheels doesn't look nearly as attractive stuffed with teen boy stuff. We'll be trolling our local thrifts & junks to find some new pieces to suit his evolving taste.  It will be a major undertaking in which the boy himself will have to participate, which means waiting a few more weeks until he is out of school.  Look for design boards & befores & afters et. al. in the coming weeks...

In the meantime, I'm going to do a master bedroom freshen up. 

I like to redo rooms every so often--keeps things from getting boring; keeps things from piling up...more than they already have {note the lovely bedspread stacked atop a tray atop the baskets I got expressly so that I wouldn't have to stack things atop of things anymore-- why do parent's bedroom become the depository for items that don't have a home?}There isn't anything wrong with our room with its dusty lavender paint & crisp linen white & honey wood-- I was going for a sort of spa feel & it has that.  Its had it for +/- 5 years now & therein lies the rub.  Its time for a new paint job.

For my color choices, I went to the vintage pillowcases that brighten the bed.  They are lovely shades of cornflower blue, purple & spring green.  Since our living room is already a lovely shade of blue, & the master bedroom is currently painted lavender, I decided to go with the green option.  With that in mind, I began collecting bits & pieces from the internet to set the tone.  I then created a cyber-inspiration board, complete with music-- I'm looking for sweet & crisp, with a dash of dreamy, a pinch of happy & whole lot of in love {is that too much to ask from a coat of paint?}

green apple painting ~ chenille pillow ~ milk glass collection ~ newton's law painting ~ relax banner

I think I shall pick up some paint chips today as our room stays a bit dark which is lovely but it does wreak havoc on colors.  I want to tape up some chips to see which shades stay true.  Other than general clean up, this will be my first summer project-- so stay tuned for follow up posts~*
Now its your turn!  When you are thinking about redecorating...


  1. You're so lucky summer has started for you! Your diy projects sound like a lot of fun! I definitely love the vintage pillowcases.

  2. That's a great shade of green! I can't wait to see the "after" pics.

    1. I got the paint chips today so shan't be long now LOL

  3. Beautiful pillowcases.Rx


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