Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday's Adventure~*

Thing 3's class went on a field trip, & Thing 3 didn't go.  She didn't want to-- it was to Charleston, & she's been.  So instead, she stayed home {it seems silly to me to force a kid to go on an expensive class field trip}.  So we had an adventure, just Thing 3, the hubby & I.

After we dropped Thing 2 off at school {& before you feel too badly for him having to go to school while his sister stays home, he recently missed 2 days while his track team traveled to Sectionals} we headed to the local farmer's market.  The Wednesday market is small in comparison to the Saturday one {which we have & will be going to} but the veggies are fresh, the flowers are sunny & the honey is sweet~*

We came home with a flat of Scarlet Sage, a bag full of roma tomatoes, black raspberry jam, wild grape jelly & some wickedly delicious garlic & cracked pepper jerky. We followed up the market with a stop off at a diner for breakfast-- is there anything better than diner coffee, I ask you?

Then on a whim we decided to re-up our membership to Sam's Club.  We had one years & years ago, but found that after each shopping trip we wound up with dramatically lighter wallets & more relish than any normal family could eat in a millennium.  So, after resolving to be smarter shoppers & discussing it with Thing 3 {who is crossing her fingers for a swimming pool from Sam's this summer} we headed to the warehouse store.  

I am proud to say we spent under $100 {its the small victories that make warehouse shopping worth while}.  A quick stop at the hardware store for a new shower head {Thing 2, who is at that bull-in-a-china-shop stage of teenage boydom attempted to adjust the shower this morning & ended up breaking it instead} & home for the remainder of the afternoon & this bliss...  

& now the house is perfumed by the smell of slow simmering scratch made marinara-- I am trying to cajole & otherwise convince the hubs to do a cooking tutorial to post along with Thing 2's pizza making how-to {in our house, the men cook hee hee}.  It was a Wednesday well lived~*

Tomorrow will be The Great Kitchen Reorganization & a bit of afternoon thrifting & of course pictures will be taken & shared.  

How was your middle of the week?


  1. I love it when the men cook! My husband claims he likes to cook. I say prove it! We go to a warehouse store and have the same problem with overspending. I'm impressed you stayed under $100! Good job.

    1. Thank you very much, we are very proud lol


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