Thursday, June 7, 2012

Busy Friday Bees

Today is going to be spectacularly busy.  We have to swing by campus so I can sign my evaluations, then to the hardware store for Thing 2's paint & other supplies, then to Target to use the gift card that Thing 2 got for his birthday {9 months ago} that we found when emptying his room yesterday, then to the bookstore to get a birthday present for my bookworm niece, then to the used furniture shop to meet my parents & do some old fashioned haggling {he picked out a cool 60's credenza that would make a smashing dresser..but my hubs & I are not hagglers, we're historians}.  Then all of us are heading to the most delicious of Mexican restaurants for my niece's birthday dinner.  Phew!
So for today's post I thought I'd do some more inspirations I whipped up {I adore quotations, in case you haven't figured that out yet}.  Saturday will be farmer's market & lavender festival {& Poosh's second big outing}& Sunday we move full scale into Thing 2's room projects {I am hoping to get the painting & floor done over the weekend so I can start the craft portion Monday}...this is turning in to a smashingly grand summer!


  1. You are a busy bee! Hope you enjoy it all!

  2. Mexican- yummy yum! Hope you get a chance to sit back and enjoy it.Rx

  3. Great quotes. I am not a haggler either. I would love to borrow your parents. :)

    1. They did it too-- talked 'im down to $100 from the $165 the owner had quoted us!

  4. Loved all the quotes! Very Very inspiring!!!!

  5. That's a lot for one day! Good luck- I am the worst haggler and if someone I'm with is good I have to go hide :)


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