Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lovely, Lazy Sunday...

Lots o'things planned for today.  We rolled out of bed early & went to the hardware store to get supplies for a clothesline {future project post} & some paint for the bathroom {gorgeous aqua blue} & other hardware-y stuff, all full of excitement over what we were going to get done today...

After the hardware store, the most wonderful husband in the world took me to an early lunch.  Being a college town, we are inundated with chain restaurants that we try to avoid, but all the Ma & Pa diners we frequent are closed on Sundays & every other dining establishment gets crazy busy after the local mega churches get out at noon. {On the plus side, everything is quiet & empty Sunday mornings, which is when we like to go to traditionally busy places to avoid crowds.}
We were pushing it timewise this morning & as we walked back to the car the church folk started showing up like a deluge of polo shirts & sundresses rolling in a great wave toward Chili's...I guess all that preaching makes a person hungry for casual dining tex-mex.
Off we were to the grocery store next, to pickup supplies for dinner {Chill Joe "Muffin" McGee & the ever elusive Thing 1 are coming over for dinner tonight-- yay!!}.  I got Drumsticks.

Which are the best things ever.  I know there are gourmet cones & I know you can make these fancy schmancy at home--  but all that belays the point.   NESTLÉ DRUMSTICKS  are my childhood on a cone.  Why mess with nostalgic processed ice cream perfection?  

We were home by 1.  It was phenomenal.  The day stretched out before us, full of promise & we had the supplies to get it all done.  Glorious.

We brought it all in & put away the groceries.  We did some minor clean up.  We talked things over.

Then we took a nap.  

We just got up 'bout an hour ago.  Now its 5:20 & Thing 1 & Chill Joe will be soon.  

This is why I love Sundays in the summertime.

Here's hoping your Sunday was nap full & work less~*

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  1. Passando pelo blogesfera e me deparei com o seu blog, amei de cara.
    Espero você em meu blog, e que possamos conversar mais, já sou super seguidora... vem me seguir também, vou amar :D
    Beijos Alih


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