Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Diet Begins

Spent Saturday prepping the pantry...

...& today the diet begins!

I'll be adding a little blurb about our progress {and any cool recipes we come up with that meet the diet requirements} to my usual blog posts.

Now it's time to jump back into the fray-- we have back to school shopping tp do for Mondays return to class{The Things go to year-round school, which means they have 4 breaks throughout the school term: 3, 3 week breaks fall/winter/spring & a 5 week break over summer: much better than traditional school for multiple reasons, but I won't get into that unless you are curious!} & more driving time for Thing 2, not to mention all the household chores that have languished whilst I was busy with the bathroom remodel...sigh.

Here's to fresh veggies, blank notebooks & weekends full of new beginnings!


  1. Wow, that is an interesting diet! I am anxious to see how you do with it. I like that it changes every day, keeps you from getting bored! My friend is on her 4th month of the Ideal Protein diet and I have no idea how she stands it, but she has lost a lot of weight. Good luck!

    1. That's why we liked it too-- & so far so good!


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