Monday, July 9, 2012

Plouts & Toothbrush holders

Yesterday {Day 1 of our Diet} was fruit day.   It went fine, though by the end of the day I was desperate for a slice of bread {I resisted temptation though} & my husband would have sold the dog for a cheeseburger {he resisted too}.
In addition to discovering I am a bread addict, I also discovered the glory of the pluot.  Its a plum/apricot hybrid & it is beyond scrumptious.  It is juicy and sweet, like a plum, but with the texture & a lovely tang of an apricot & trust me, you need one.  Or two, they are small.  I shall miss them today {veggie day}...sigh.

A few notable diet comments, for those interested in giving it a whirl.  There aren't that many ways to have fruit, as it turns out.   We had fruit salad for lunch {honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, lemon drop melon, grapes & blueberries}...& lots of pluots...& yeah, that about covers it.
The things, the hubs & I went to the local superstore to get school supplies in the morning-- Thing 2 drove almost all the way there & back {we took the back roads to avoid a lot of traffic}.  When we got home Thing 3 got happy with the label maker & her new notebooks while I worked on finishing up a chalkboard for Thing 2's room & repainting the front door {I had sprayed glitter on it during Christmas in a fit of holiday glee that I had thought I'd be able to wash off..turns out, no}.  The hubs & Thing 2 repaired our lawn tractor & mowed the front yard.  We watched Poirot on Netflix when the afternoon got too hot to stay outside.  Thing 2 made chicken to go with the Things dinner {they had fruit salad with chicken, we had fruit salad with more fruit salad}...all in all it was a good, fruiterrific sort of day.

Now the Things are in school {1/2 day today, so don't feel too badly for them} & I wanted to share a quick craft with you!
As part of our bathroom remodel, I wanted to do some sort of toothbrush holder that would stick with the garden-y theme I had going.  I had seen mason jar wall hangers on etsy, & thought a mini version of it would be perfect {though obviously this DIY could be used to mount any number of mason jars}!

The size of the adjustable pipe fitting you use will depend on the size of the mason jar-- I just brought a jar to the hardware store & found the one that best fit!  For our back board, we used pieces of a now defunct picnic table that used to be in our side yard {it had fallen apart earlier in the summer}.  It had literally been outside for years & had a lovely weathered finish.  I scrubbed off the loose dirt then sealed it with several coats of spray poly & let it dry over night.

Attach the picture hanger to the back of your piece of wood.  

Flip it over and attach the pipe fitting using the nails.
I had originally thought I'd be able to nail right through the fitting, but turns out that doesn't work.  Instead I hammered the nails on either side of the fitting, using the nail heads to hold the fitting in place {sounds dodgy, but trust me, it ain't going anywhere}.  If you were going to use this for something heavier {like in the etsy photo}, I'd advise either adding a dollop of Liquid Nails or using u shaped fencing nails to attach the fittings.  

Then tighten the fitting around the jar & you are good to go!  I added piece of heavy duty velcro on the back to further stabilize the holder on the wall, though depending on what you are using it for it may not be necessary.
Couldn't be easier!

Tomorrow I will give you a run down on veggie day & share our date with Doris from a few weekends much fun!

Happy Monday Ya'll!


  1. That looks fab! i love it.


  2. That plout sounds pretty interesting...I've never heard of it before! And that toothbrush holder came out great, I love how many uses of mason jars there are!

  3. Looks great! I think I pinned this project a while back, but it's not great for our electric toothbrushes. Good luck with the diet!

  4. That's awesome I love it! We have an old fashioned toothbrish holder and I carefully police the toothbrushes we buy to make sure they'll fit the skinny slots. Your's works a lot better.

  5. ooooooh I have been eyeing this type of holder on Etsy for a while now. SO easy to make huh? These are SO cool. This diet sounds pretty rough.... good luck!

  6. What a great idea, love how it turned out!



  7. That fruit looks yummy and I love your craft project. Just awesome! "School supplies." SCARY.

    Good luck with the diet. I will not be joining you. ;)

  8. LOVE that toothbrush holder idea!

    Sarah x

  9. Oh! I love the style, it's simple yet elegant


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