Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A New Schedule of Events~*

Well its official. I have two weeks of vacation left. I've managed to do 90% of what I intended over the summer {I've almost finished revamping my classes & am thisclose to getting published, & have done a metric ton of projects around the house...phew}.
Ive Gotta Cut Back On The Caffeine

For my last trick, I'm gonna organize my blog for the fall semester~*

In order to keep up with things {& keep my brain organized as much as the penguins living in it allow...long story related to grad school, just go with it} I'm going to have daily post themes.  Of course, I may deviate if something exciting happens, but as a general rule, you understand, this is my fall semester posting schedule.

I'm a big quote collector.  I use them in my class presentations, to start off papers & to find inspiration when my personal well has run dry.  So on Mondays, I'll share a few favorites along with graphics suitable for downloading to desktops, copying & pasting, or printing for posting--  feel free to use them however you want.  We can all use a little motivation on Mondays after all!

On Tuesdays I'll share my latest projects.  I generally have something I'm working on {it is how I stay sane..that, & World of Warcraft o'course}.  In a pinch, I'll scour the web for projects I want to do sometime in the future & share the love~*
We are all big web surfers in our house.  Stumbling, cracking, buzzing & generally wandering great sites & interesting stories.  On Wednesdays I'll share links to whatever I've found interesting-- decorating inspirations, interesting articles, historical discoveries, new to me artists...whatever I've found and am dying to share {feel free to add your own links in the Wednesday post comments!}

I'm gonna use Thursdays for rants.  Its a political year, so I'll have a lot of thoughts & frustrations & general commentary.  Feel free to disagree & get a good debate started {good debate = no shouting, name calling or trolling & Godwin's law applies lol}.  Any of y'all feel like the world's problems could be solved if only those in power would ask for your advice?  Thursdays will be the day to let everyone in on our ideas {& watch me vent in the process}
Anything goes on Friday!  New fashion obsession?  Musical inspiration?  What I've been up to?  How the Things are doing?  What my hubby is cooking?  All topics are fair game~*

I may or may not post on the weekends-- we are coming in to cross country & soccer season, so I may do the occasional sports update, and we do tend to roam about so I may post on a new adventure-- but weekends are family & recuperation picture me in my pjs, catching up with your blogs instead of posting to mine!

So, how does that strike you?  Any suggestions or adjustments?

And since today is the first day of the new schedule, here are a few links for Wednesday's wandering pleasure!

  1. Here are some stunning color photos from the early 1900s that make the historian in me absolutely giddy with glee
  2. An awesome radio station for any eventuality {when background music is a must}
  3. Feel like getting your Hallow's Eve on early?  In to exploring local cemeteries?  Here are some freaky stories to get you prepped!
  4. Comforting to know that even really, really smart people relax every once in a while
  5. Did you know Americans started drinking coffee during the tea boycott in the 1770's {the same boycott that led to the Boston Tea Party}?  Here are some more interesting facts about my favorite beverage~*


  1. You are so organized! Great schedule- looking forward to it and I'm sure it will be easier to stay on track with the topics.

  2. Looks like a great slate of post themes. Getting organized is one of my favourite things to do, I hope this was inspring & motivating for you :)

    1. Yes! And your blog is a great source of inspiration as well!

  3. So organized, good luck with the new schedule!

  4. I just loved seeing your link on my blog! Thank you so much!!

    New follower, of course!


  5. Great idea! I have a *very* loose schedule that I deviate from often :) That's the joy of making your own schedule, yes?

  6. I'm loving this new idea of having themes for each day of the week! How exciting, I can't wait to see your themed posts!

  7. Haha! The photo of the cat was so funny :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  8. Say it isn't so...vacation almost over? Yuck. However, I am impressed with all that you have accomplished this summer! And your new blog organization is inspirational. All this and a day job too? You do seem to have a lot of energy!


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