Thursday, August 9, 2012

Deep Thoughts by A Busy Mom~*

No rant for me today-- I'm off to parent meetings & grocery shopping & generally organizing & catching up & hopefully some of this

which has been sitting on my table waiting to become a skirt~*

I have not, however, forgotten Deep Thought Thursday entirely...

Deep Thougths: Love

Anyone else remember these?

Deep Thoughts: Clowns

Deep Thoughts: Greed

And one more for the road...

Coffee Talk: Bill Murray

So, defeat the Japanese or scare the Russians? was just funnier back then, & I'm not just saying that because I know the answer to the discussion question~*

Any SNL favorites or other comedy memories? {or for my Canadian friends: are you a SCTV or Kids in the Hall fan?  I have a soft spot for the Kids, but hey, that's me~*}