Friday, August 10, 2012

To Do...

This coming Wednesday is my first day back at work since the summer began.  Classes won't begin until the end of August, but faculty has to report in on the 15th for Convocation Week.  Lots of seminars & Division Meetings & syllabi prep.
I have mixed feelings.
On the one hand, I adore my job & everything that comes with it & am looking forward to getting the fall semester rolling.  On the other hand, I have many projects that I wish I had more time to finish.  There never seems to be enough time for DIY projects when the teaching starts!
I'm hoping my organization plans for the blog are going to help keep me on track..hoping, but not hopeful-- I am the Queen of Chaos, its my natural state, & organizational plans have never been my strong suit...I try.  I love lists & chalkboards & notebooks & fancy ways of keeping oneself on track.  I just never seem to remember to things once they've been written down {including remembering to check the list}.

For now I still have a few days & so much to do...

Coffee is drunk.  Breakfast bar has been consumed.  Pictures have been taken & I am at least mostly dressed {sweat pants & a t-shirt don't really count as fully dressed in my book...anything I'd have to change before exiting the house in is just marginally above pj's}.  Tomorrow, according to our chalkboard, is the all day soccer jamboree for Thing 3, so today is the day to get caught up on housework {Sunday is for sleeping in & video games & old cartoons & lounging with the family}.

All right, I've dilly dallied enough, time to get busy.

What have you got going for this fine Friday & the weekend to follow?