Sunday, August 12, 2012

Monday's Motivations- Musical Edition~*

A new twist for a motivational Monday-- music! Here are the songs I have for the people {& some objects} in my life.  And I don't mean the declared "our songs," I mean that if my life had a soundtrack, these are the songs that would play when these people enter the room.  I'm really lucky, they all move to an awesome beat.

Oh & I'm a lyric person, as opposed to a beat or rhythm music lover, hence the wide variety of genres.

For Thing 1-- everyone needs a Thing 1 in their life.  She is magical.  She is a wonderment.  She makes the world better just for breathing its air, trust me.

Billy Joel - She's Got a Way

For Thing 2-- He is not in to country & western, but this song is him to the last note.  I call him my Golden boy, because he is.  He has the best sense of humor, the sweetest heart & no fear.  He doesn't live life, he eats it for breakfast.
Garth Brooks - Standing Outside the Fire

For Thing 3-- She will change the world, just you wait & see.  The traditional champions of truth & justice have nothing on Thing 3.  All she needs is a cape & we are all saved.

Green Day - Last of the American Girls

For my husband-- When I daydreamed about who I would spend my life with & what my life would be like, the dreams were never as good as he has made my reality.

Adele - Daydreamer 

For my folks-- The first one is for my dad, my pater familias & the man with all the answers {or at least, the ability to help you find them for yourself}.  He is the moral compass, the logical solution mind just feels better for talking to him.

Cold Play - Fix You

I can't listen to this song without tearing up, true story-- my mom is my safe place.  Enough said.

Bob Dylan - Shelter from the Storm

And now for the the important objects in my life *giggle*

For the Audi.  Yeah, my car has a song... I call him Mr. Luva Luva...He's an Audi TT!  Convertible!
Don't judge me.

Shaggy - Mr. Bombastic

For my house.  Weird to have a song for your house?  yes.  Is this really the song? Oh yes.  I love my stupid, little house & all the blood sweat & tears that have gone in to saving her from the brink of disaster..change the lyrics slightly {your fresh paint stains, on the front lobe of my left side brains...} & you have why I would never sell her.  If you haven't found your home yet {not your house, your home} then you wouldn't understand~*
Train - Hey, Soul Sister

And last but definitely not least, for y'all-- to send you out into your week {and I apologize up front for getting it stuck in your head~*}
Rusted Root - Send Me On My Way

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What is your soundtrack?


  1. Replies
    1. I know! I love her jazzier stuff in particular

  2. How fun! I definately do not have sound tracks to people or things but it's a really cool idea.

    1. I didn't plan it, but as long as I've listened to music, I've had a soundtrack-- I've always chalked it up to being a lyric-person {since I listen keenly to the words of music, I relate to it on a personal level...if that makes sense?} At any rate, I've always done it!

  3. Fun sound tracks for the people in your life! My husband is one of those people who just has a soundtrack at all times for all events in life :)


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