Thursday, August 30, 2012

Some Links Part 2

1.  These marriage proposals are too sweet for words
2.  Real high school fashions from 1969... I think I have that tee shirt & cords outfit, actually

3.  You know all those stories about the wee little cottage in the woods?  Well here is the real thing

That's it for my lunch break lol~*


  1. 1) I love love love the first one!
    2) My mom always tells me about this and I get so jealous that she wore clogs when she was in highschool.
    3) That cottage is amazing!


  2. I love that cottage, I actually saw it in the NY times a little while ago and it's as sweet as can be :)

  3. You are making yourself sound older than you actually are. You got the outfit later right? :)

  4. that cottage is adorable! and Yes fashion always comes back around, note t self, never throw anything away! haha!


    1. I know, but then I run out of closet space!

  5. I think that cottage NEEDS to be at the bottom of my garden. Although who am I kidding, it would probably take up the whole garden!Rx

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  8. Oh my gosh I want a cottage in the woods!!!


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