Monday, September 24, 2012


Last week was a busy one.  Lots accomplished: books planned, paperwork filed,  Done.  Blog spruced up for the season & ideas planned out for posts with good intentions & much enthusiasm {what do you think?  what do you suggest?}.  Laundry clean, folded, pressed & mended.  Closets purged & excesses taken to charity.  Several skirts sewn...

& more & more not pictured.  Things done, lists checked, items crossed off, more still penciled in.  A crisp & lovely 65 degree Sunday meant open windows & the smells of cool fall permeating the house, blowing out the stale trapped heat of summer.  Aahhhh.

Still, there is more that needs doing. A switch from summer... autumn needs to happen inside my beautiful Cecilia.  New crafts & decor ideas to try.  Getting the Things to switch out summer for winter clothes & try on & give away that which they have outgrown. Getting Thing 3 to work her magic on the photos cluttering my desktop {& maybe squeeze in a few outfit shots of me & my new creations}.  Getting the Things out of bed before noon while they still have fall break stretching out before them...oh yes.

The Things go to school on the college campus.  It is a teaching school, rated #10 in the state {according to US News & World Report}-- a place for fresh-faced education majors to try out what they've learned, what they think, & what they imagine might work.  All full time staff have MAs or higher, the admin all doctorates with awards decorating the halls & a general aspiration for greatness.  They get the "newest thing" every semester with lots of great ideas & fresh thoughts to keep things interesting, & its a year-round schedule.  3 week breaks in the fall, winter & spring & 5 weeks in the summer.  We love it.  I don't understand all the fuss about the traditional calendar-- my Things have breaks often enough that they don't get bored in school, & short enough that they don't get bored at home.  It is lovely.


Here is to clean closets!  Here is to Mondays & motivations & wonderful things to do!  Here's to holiday planning & present lists!  Here's to falling leaves & falling temperatures!  Here is to autumn!