Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How To Tuesday

As the weather finally, sloooooowwwwwlllly starts heading towards autumn (we had a lovely 65 degree day Sunday, but we are back up to 80 today...sigh) I've been giving a lot of thought to fall decorating & prepping for gift giving.  I'm heading over to the craft store this afternoon to pick up a few supplies for projects that will be featured on Tuesdays to come, but for now, here are a few links for potential present-projects!

1.   Cement coasters?  Yes please.  I intend to experiment with adding dyes to the cement & maybe even embedding odd little wonderments into the cement....hmmm....the possibilities are endless mwahahahaha.

Cement Coaster How To
2.  A chalkboard necklace-- love this idea as a stocking stuffer or party favor & its so easy!

chalkboard necklace diy - finished!
Chalkboard Necklace How To
3.  Stuffed. Fabric. Turtles.  Enough said~*

Turtle How To

4.  Etched serving tray.  This one is a bit more complex, but still totally doable.  They use a map to etch, but I'm thinking of a simpler design-- or maybe using a vintage fabric as a pattern (like one of those geometric prints from the 60's)?  Hmmmm....
Etched Serving Tray How To

5.  Lets not forget the pets!  Poosh, Alice, Doc & Rascal {the doggies} could really use these adorable tags...plus its an excuse to use Shrinky Dinks.  I love Shrinky Dinks...
Pet Tag How To

Woot!  Handmade holidays are the best, don't you think??


  1. I have a thing for coasters, and trying new DIYs for them...those cement coasters are seriously cool. And I have to agree, I love doing handmade items for the holidays :)

  2. Very cool ideas. I love the idea of embedding strange little things in the coasters!

  3. Fun ideas, and welcome back! I'm not the craftiest of gals but I did go get supplies to try to fashion a Halloween costume for W so that's somewhat crafty! Looking forward to seeing which projects you tackle :)

  4. That chalkboard necklace is sooooo cool I love it!!

    Ali of aliandang

  5. That tray almost looks like a window from my parent's old victorian house! Except they are heavy! lol Very beautiful though!! I love the chalkboard necklace!


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