Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wandering the Web...

The first writing assignments for my classes are due today & tomorrow-- which means no lecturing, just office hours & fielding last minute questions & quelling panic attacks.  Nice.  Easy week {at least on the teaching front}
& so on this, my theoretical lunch break, aka rice cake, dried apricots & lifewater at the desk, let us surf the web & catch our breath~*


Children's drawings of monsters {& superheroes too}as rendered by artist Dave DeVries of The Monster Engine.  What an awesome concept!


Ever wanna know how to do something, but aren't sure who to ask?  Soyouwanna is here to answer all your questions-- great site if you want to knit a fringe scarf or perfect your tai chi balance techniques or were wondering what vegetable makes hair grow...the possibilities are endless~*


Am I in my office?  Then guaranteed Musicovery is open & playing.  A phenomenal new way to find new music to fit your mood-- bookmark it, trust me.


I don't know why I find this website so therapeutic & oddly serene.  Its just...just...oh, you'll have to check it out for yourself at the Infinite Oz.

Forgotten Bookmarks.  A site dedicated to the wonderfully odd notes & doodads people have left in books, as collected by a used book seller.  Love this site & the general optimistic & sometimes silly things we write to ourselves-- little glimpses into the readers' lives.

If you ever come across anything wonderful in the great online world, please be sure to let me know!


  1. Those monster renderings are so much fun! And that Infinite Oz is AMAZING - Tin Man is such a good movie, so seeing this just makes me love it even more!

    1. I know it! Loved Tin Man (SyFy has done some pretty good TV movies-- though I hate that they changed their name to SyFy lol)

  2. Soyouwanna looks like a good find! I must check it out! Instructables is another good one for d.i.y learning.

    1. I love Instructables (& DIY learning lol) thanks for the reminder!

  3. I'll have to start writing something a little more interesting on my bookmarks! At the moment it's normally things like- marks year 7 books, get eggs etc. Yawn! Rx


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