Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Howdy, Tuesday-- How to you do?

True to my word, I sewed two wrap skirts this weekend {one of which I wore to work yesterday}out of inexpensive cotton {one green floral, one autumnal-toned polka dots}, and I even started work on a butcher's apron dress in navy blue light weight cotton duck...

Misses Butcher Apron One Size McCalls 1975 uncut  

...and I utterly forgot to photograph it all.  Sigh.  It was probably for the best anyway, the first time I make a pattern there are inevitably lots of mistakes & removal of stitches {three times on one skirt lol}.  But now that I've got it down I will make more {I love the skirts-- very flattering & pretty & dying to be made out of fall corduroys & light wools}.  Honestly, they were very simple to make & so exciting to see come together...sigh...I love clothes lol.

I have every intention of sewing another skirt this weekend, though Saturday is a race and a birthday for Thing 2.  Very exciting stuff!  He'll be 16-- though it will be a few months before he gets his driver's license as he got his permit late {track season before testing, at least for Thing 2}.  There will be pictures~*

But in the meantime, here are a few how-tos I've collected for future reference that are too good to keep to myself!

Would you believe that rose is made out of plastic spoons?  

Turn a glove into a chipmunk

How to make dried pineapple flowers-- aren't they stunning??


How about a light bulb vase?

And I love the autumn-esque simplicity of this embroidery thread wreath!

Look for versions of these & other clever craftiness to be posts on this blog in the future!  I gotta make me one of those wreaths...

Enjoy your Tuesday!  Be clever!