Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Motivations~*

I'm feeling the need to tackle this Monday, do you know what I mean?  Its a Monday that demands a good thrashing.
I really don't want to leave the weekend so today is gonna be dragging me kicking & screaming into the week.  Don't get me wrong, I'm really, really lucky-- I love my job, I have a fant-a-bulous schedule, the kids are starting back to school which means an hour or so every day of a quiet house & fall has finally, er, fallen & it won't be out of the 60's which is lovely.
But this weekend was in the mid-50's, & we had our first real fires of the season & I know with absolute certainty whatever happens today, my brain will be swaddled in my fuzzy red blanket, sipping cocoa & watching the flames dance.  Or sewing another owl pillow {the first came into the world Sunday morning, and was named Jebediah Soultree just because I like the rhythm of it...tutorial to follow next week}.  Or doing a dozen other crafty things that I feel like doing to celebrate autumn.
More than any other Monday to date, I need today's motivations.  Lets go roaring into the week & get excited about what the new week holds.  Or at least, lets try.

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