Monday, November 26, 2012

{Cyber} Monday Motivated~*

I hope ya'll had a smashing grand Thanksgiving if you celebrated, & a great gorgeous glory of a weekend!

My sister hosted the phenomenal feast on Thursday.  Everything was scrumptious & beautiful & it was the perfect kick off to the holiday season.  
We went to bed early that night, then got up at 3:30am for our first pre-dawn Black Friday shopping experience. Thing 1 had to work it at the mall, & we thought it would be fun to visit her & see the chaos for ourselves.  I'm not the willingly-stands-in-line type  & we have gotten most of our shopping done already, so we figured 3:30 was early enough to be part of the experience, but not so early we'd get caught up in the lines.   
I know, I know, its trendy to be judge-y about these things.  The media has done a great job of portraying much of humanity as stupid cattle...which is great for their ratings-- making their viewers feel superior to everyone else.  You know-- "everyone but people who think like me are shallow, stupid, 'sheople'."  Its jaded & cynical & generally said by people who have never done whatever they are judging.  Sigh.
Actually, people were lovely.  Stores gave away free coffee or cocoa, folks in flannel jammies & slippers, holiday music, lots & lots of laughing.  It was a great adventure.
We did manage to pick up a few bargains, but mostly we sipped Starbucks, browsed the holiday displays, marveled at the crowds & had a great time.  Thing 1 was a little perturbed at the number of times she had to fold shirts at a particularly popular display, but other than that, no complaints.  Besides, we got to see the sunrise over the parking lot.   

Home by 9 & back asleep by 9:30.  
It did throw us off for the weekend just a bit; staying up too late then sleeping in.  Our house looks like a whirlwind hit it-- Christmas decorations in dusty bins all over the living room, tinsel on the table, craft projects half begun & the ironing board up in the middle of it all.  But we've justified it by saying we are practicing for winter break~*

Two weeks left of teaching, then finals week.  Done on December 17, then off for a month.  I love my job.

Lets kick off the week right, get inspired & get busy~*

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  1. Sounds like a fun adventure, but I'm not sure I could actually leave the house at 3:30AM- yikes! At least you got to go back to sleep, that almost makes it worth it :)

  2. Coming over from the huge liy giveaway!
    Love your savvy blog!
    So glad to have found you :) XOX Angela

  3. I'm glad you had fun...but 3:30? I could not do it, honey! You rock! :)


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