Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How To-zday for Xmas~*

First up on my holiday decor checklist, a banner for the mantel!
Most folks I've seen demonstrate this idea have used fabric on both sides-- which is fantastic if there is a chance that the back of the banner will be shown.  In our case, the banner will only ever be seen from one side, so it seemed a waste of fabric-- particularly since I still have a mountain of iron on interfacing that came with my order from Fashion Fabrics Club.
At any rate, I picked up a fat quarter of matryoshka-themed fabrics for $7.94 & a pack of bias tape for $1.59 & went to town~*

First I ironed on the interfacing.  It keeps the fabric from fraying & gives it a little body--

After measuring our mantel...again...{you'd think I'd write these things down} I decided a pennant 7 inches wide with 10 pennants total would look best.  At first I drew the pattern 7 inches wide & 9 inches long but after holding it up to the mantel, I decided it looked too long.  A few trims later, I came up with this pattern:

I used bias tape for the binding-- it looks nice & finished, & it was simple & quick.  I ran a quick stitch down the line, but you could easily use fabric glue or heat bond if you'd rather not sew!

All that was left was to hang it-- easy-peasy!

Part 1 of decorating the mantel done~*

Now I turned my attention to our tree on the wall.  I had all the supplies on line for this 'un--  I used scrapbook paper I've stockpiled, glue stick, clothes pins for some, small ornament hooks for others & this birdie how-to.

Here's a simple pattern, which you can copy, resize & print out!  They make fantastic ornaments or gift tags {& with a little spray glitter, they look particularly lovely}.  Last holiday season I made them out of old book pages, with rough twine hangers & red ribbons, & handed them out as party favors~*

Tons more on deck, including the finished mantel, a few gift ideas & my first go at embroidery!  What have you got going on holiday craft wise?

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  1. I LOVE it! You have inspired me! I am taking all the kids and we ARE going to the store today! I've been dying to make a banner. You are SO talented!!!

  2. Love that banner!! I am going to attempt to make a wreath out of TP rolls, a la most craft things on pinterest, lol.

    1. So cute!! Can't wait to see how it comes out!

  3. Wow, those both are so lovely! Very sweet decorations. I am slowly dipping my toe into the holiday season... until December hits I still think it's fall :)

    1. That is exactly why I haven't done much else yet lol

  4. hey beauty! such a lovely blog and post, I'm following you now, hope you follow me back, kisses <3 http://7-24makyaj.blogspot.com/

  5. Ohhhh, this one is lovely too but I'm still lusting after your fall mantle!Rx


    1. I know-- I sorta miss it lol {good to hear from you btw!!}

  6. OMG! These decorations are so so adorable and creative. Love!!

  7. Awe, I love what you've done! :P

    Hope you've started the week with a huge smile ;D.



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