Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Motivation in a Fall Formal~*

Instead of my usual Monday post, I wanted to show off Thing 3, Fall Formal style~*

In case you don't recall, Thing 3 is athletic & a bit of a tomboy.

Thing 3 in her natural environs.  She's #2~*

She's not much in to dressing up...ever.  She is very low maintenance, particularly if one considers the usual teenage girl stereotype.

After 4 wheeling with Stretch.  Note the grin.  Sigh.
So getting her to dress up for a dance was a big deal for all of us.  She insisted on doing everything on the cheap because, as she explained, its not like she would ever wear the dress again so it only needed to last a few hours on one night.  We visited local thrifts, checked out Etsy, then surfed Amazon {which we adore at our house-- we have a prime membership.  Love.  It.} where she found a dress she liked on sale for $12.  We found a pair of heels, but they were rejected in favor of flat sandals, also on sale for a buck more than the dress.  She's 5'3, Stretch is over 6', yet she refuses to wear heels.  Anyway.  We picked up a little fleece jacket for $15, a wee purse for $7 and some smashing nail polish for $4, & she was good to go.  I only mention the prices to point out that A) we were anticipating paying at least 3x the total amount spent on the dress alone and B) its a great summary of Thing 3's fashion personality~*

Thing 1 came over to do hair & make up about an hour before Stretch was due to take her to dinner.  They had gone out bowling earlier in the afternoon.  They had originally thought they'd go bowling, then to dinner, then to the dance, but I was able to convince her that, fun as it sounded, it wouldn't be such a hot idea in her dress lol.

Within 45 minutes she went from sweat pants & blogger bun to ready for a formal dance.  It would have taken less time but Thing 1 is a perfectionist~*

Outside for a few goof-around pick with Thing 2...

Then the real deal with Stretch {whose tie matched perfectly~*}

Then they piled into Stretch's pickup & were off for dinner with friends & dancing the evening away.

They had a great time & were home by 11.  Thing 3's summation?  "Not nearly as lame as I thought it was going to be."  Lol~*

So to honor Thing 3's first formal, I give you this Monday's motivationals, dance style~*

Go out & boogie through your Monday!



  1. cool girl! and i love how her hair was styled. :)

  2. She's gorgeous! I'm glad they had a good time. That's a good looking group of kiddos you have there, and I love the Dr. Suess reference, lol

  3. I'm glad it wasn't lame. LOL She looks fantastic! (:

  4. She looks fantastic, love the dress color!

  5. She sure cleans up nice! What a sweet, pretty girl! Love the mud-covered shot too. :)

  6. She looks beautiful! Sometimes getting dressed up can feel so awkward but it's always fun to try it out. Maybe she'll give it another shot- since this time wasn't lame :)


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