Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday's Motivations~*

Its Finals Week!!!

Can I get a whoop whoop??

Papers are due, {& due to be graded} every day this week.  As a result,  The Closet's posts may be a bit off -- I should be able to post everyday, but they may not be up first thing in the morning.  I like to write my posts the day they go up, & my brain is more than likely going to be a bit slower than normal {don't panic}.

 I worked hard on several few crafts this weekend, & had a few set backs {including our printer deciding to cease functioning as designed...sigh}.  So many things to show you...

But it may be a bit slow least this week.

So hold on, I'll be back asap!

 OH  & heads up!  There is an adorable giveaway going on over at JellyBones for winner's choice of the cutest bottle stoppers ever.  Click here to zip over & enter {let her know I sent you!}


  1. I found you through the "thistles and twigs blog hop". Feel free to visit my blog anytime and maybe follow back if you like what you see ;-)

    kisses Keke (Pakize)

  2. hi, i following the "aloha affair" blog hop. i would love for you to visit my blog and follow if you like it.

    new follower bev

  3. We have our final class tomorrow night (burnout is an understatement at this point... and there's really no time before the new semester starts- sigh). Good luck grading!

  4. What great quotes you've picked out! I especially love the Charles Dickens one, it's so true.
    Love your gorgeous blog, I'm a happy new follower! :)
    xoxo Lauren


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