Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Two Quick Crafts & a Menagerie Update

Here's a quick, easy & cheap way to make a real pine garland.  First step, go to a Christmas tree lot & ask them for branches.  You know, the ones they cut off of the bottom of trees at customers' requests.  The lot manager we asked was more than happy to unload them-- he was just going to throw them out at the end of the day anyway.  We got a carload lol~*
The rest is easy:

Cut the branches to a reasonable size, then overlap & wire them together.  You can use twine if you don't have floral wire {which gives it a more country-rustic look}.

Make it as long as you need it to be!  I hung one on our bedroom window {I haven't had the chance to up the rest of them up yet}.  Unfortunately, the lighting wasn't optimum for photographs, but you should be able to get the idea.

Or not.  Sigh.

Next, a quick & easy gift tag/ bookmark courtesy of Thing 1!

You can add an appropriate quotation-- hand written or just print it out on the computers like we did.

And lastly, for today at any rate, a pictorial menagerie update.

 I know everyone is doing this right now, but no joke, its worth it, they look awesome!  I have a unique purpose for 'em...but you'll have to wait until I finish to see it!

I'll be back tomorrow (though I may be posting a bit later than normal) with more crafts & maybe some house tour pics!