Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Come & Get Your Fancy Firmoo Four Eyes For Free~*

Have I got a giveaway for you!  But first, some back story.

Some of you may remember just this past summer my hubs & I had to get new glasses.

What you don't know is that I only wore mine for a few weeks.
They helped me see better, but the frames hurt my nose.  Well, to be strictly accurate, they made me feel like I was being pierced along the bridge of my nose & it was maddening.  I obsessed on it.  I was continually rubbing my nose.  I finally decided I'd rather be blurry.
We couldn't afford to go back to the eyeglass place {ridiculously expensive} & while I had checked out some online sites which were more economically feasible, I was worried to try them out.  Not being able to see the product has its drawbacks, & so does throwing away good money on a product that looks bad.
Enter Firmoo.
Right before Christmas, Antonio at Firmoo shot me an email asking if I'd like to try their glasses out in exchange for an honest review of the process & product.  Free is a very good price & after being assured they wanted a truly honest assessment, I was in.
I was a tad worried about how I was going to pick out frames without being able to try them on.  Ordinarily, I am one of those women who stand for twenty minutes at the sunglasses display trying on pairs of glasses, analyzing the effect in the wee rectangular mirror then unsuccessfully trying to jam them back in place on the little holder thingies.
No worries.  Firmoo has the option to upload a photo & try the glasses on in absentia.  I could try on glasses to my heart's delight-- and did so.  They have a gazillion styles-- everything from retro funky to modern sleek to all business power broker.
I took my own sweet time.
After much deliberation & Thing consultation, I picked model ZS1117.  May I take a moment to thank Firmoo for not coming out with quirky-cute names for their glasses?  Being a naturally eccentric & quirky person, I am growing tired of all the cutesy that is out there.  Don't get me wrong, I think Zooey Deschanel is cute as bug & I own two She & Him cds, but I'm having a tough time with all the "quirky" online shops that have sprung up with overpriced, poorly made dresses & shades with names and descriptions that remind me of a bad Seinfeld episode {remember J. Peterman Catalog?}.
I got them with my full prescription & added anti-scratch & anti-glare.
I actually had a hard time with the ordering process, not because its complicated but because I'm quirky & eccentric {& a sly consumer/reviewer}.  I emailed a question & heard back from them almost immediately.  No complaints on customer service--  they kept me informed every step of the way, letting me know my order was received, where my glasses were & when they shipped.
They arrived lickety split-- within 3 weeks of ordering, & that was during the Christmas rush-- wonderfully well packaged & with a hard case, a soft carry case, a repair kit & a polishing cloth.

But the proof is in the pudding.  Or, in this case, in the trying on.  So I did.  And I adore them.

Aren't they smashing?  I love tortoise shell-- & this is a nice rich tortoise shell {not that cheesy-cheap finish}.  The try on feature was bang on-- they looked just like they did on the site...which is the whole point of "trying them on" I suppose, but a pleasant surprise none-the-less.  The frames are extremely well made, sturdy with screw hinges {as opposed to the non-repairable hinges that most inexpensive glasses come with} & the lenses are everything lenses are supposed to be.
And I can see clearly now.
They don't pierce my nose either-- I can wear them for hours without noticing them at all.  Oh, & I'm a nose wrinkler & am prone to making faces & these glasses stay put.  
Totally awesome~*

Used to be you got a pair of glasses & those were the glasses you had, no variation-- like braces for your teeth-- they were appliances for your eyes.  Now-a-days, glasses have become a fashion accessory-- you can change frames to match your outfit, or lipstick, or mood.  Whole styles are defined by glasses.  Geek chic bookish, retro glam cat's eyes-- the right shaped frame makes the look.  Its good news for those of us who need to wear them &  fashion options for those that don't.  Wanna go a little geek chic?  There's nothing wrong with popping on a pair of non prescription lenses.  And nothing instantly says retro glam like cat's eyes frames, right?

That's another plus to Firmoo-- their prices are low enough that I can afford to create a whole glasses wardrobe.  Most of them are below $40 bucks & they have over 100 styles to choose from {with different color options for most styles}.  In fact, I could buy a pair every other month without putting a crimp in our post potential!  Glasses o'the month!  Love!

I'm serious, the glasses I got are perfect.  No arm twisting, no fibbing to please sponsors.  I mean it.  Honest true.

If my endorsement isn't enough, no worries: Firmoo just launched a First Pair Free Program to new customers worldwide. They come with 1.50 index single vision, & you just pay shipping.  There is a generous refund/exchange policy, which truly minimizes risk.  There isn't much to lose.  
And I can even do that one better...

After all, you've probably had enough about me & my new glasses-- lets see how you are gonna look in yours!  Firmoo has offered to give one of my readers their own pair free & no shipping cost in the USA.  Sunglasses?  Prescription?  Purely fashion?  Whatever you like, with no restrictions on prescription-- so what are you waiting for?

Good Luck!

A winner will be chosen randomly & announced in a separate post shortly after the contest closes. The winner will have 10 days to claim the prize before another winner is chosen --remember to follow my blog through GFC or Bloglovin & check back after the 12th to see who wins!