Thursday, January 17, 2013

Textbook Thursday: The Spring Semester Begins~*

For today's rant  *drum roll*...

Nah, not in a ranting mood.  Today is the first day of classes.  I'm in an introductory mood lol~*

Like introducing the pic I wanted to put up yesterday but my phone wouldn't let me.  Totally worth the wait, no?  Think I may instagram the first day of school too, just to get back at it for yesterday's impertinence.

I do want to take a second to talk about textbooks.  Odd segue you say?  No not really, as you are reading this, I'm probably in a classroom talking about how I don't require textbooks, I just recommend 'em.  

Do you know how expensive they are?  The book for my American history class is $83.50-- twice, cos you have to take 2010 & 2020.  My Humanities classes?  $86.20.  Again, twice.  Its ridiculous.  And my department actually makes an effort to be on the cheap side of the textbook slippery slope-- some of the math & science books are twice as expensive.  Most students take a full load of 5 classes.  It adds up real fast.  Crazy.  Thing 1 just purchased about 1/2 of her required texts for the semester & blew a cool $400.   

Here comes another introductory bit.  I was contacted a while back by Angela at Campus Book Rentals & asked if I would be interested in doing a post on their textbook rental program.  I checked it out, & its legit.  So I am writing this post {& I'll be mentioning it to my students today too}.  Students can save up to 90% off of campus bookstore prices, with free shipping both ways.  The renting periods are flexible, you can use highlighter in the textbooks which is beyond cool, there is a 30 day risk free return just in case your prof switches texts on you {which has been known to happen} AND the donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented.  

I just love this new trend where businesses link up with charities {thank Toms for getting the ball rolling, eh?}.  Sweet.

They've also just started a program called RentBack-- where you don't sell your textbooks to them, you rent them to other students through them.  And you make money.  Each rental.  Boo-yah.  

Check out the videos:

So.  You can see why I jumped at the chance to spread the word, right?  Pass it on to the college students {or profs} you know.  

For those of you starting college classes today, good luck!  For those of you teaching college classes, lets make a difference.  And for those not in school, never stop learning~*

See you with the weekend hops tomorrow & wonderful Thursday to everyone~*


  1. I hope your first day went well. Must be a little traumatic. ;) I love this textbook renting idea. I spent so much money on books in university and then, even worse, I kept them all...because when you spend that money you don't want to dump them in the trash!

  2. Ugh, I HATED buying books. The prices are insane and the sell back prices are ridiculous. Hope your first day went well lady!

  3. Wish they had had that when I was in college! I bought used, but still so pricey. Good first day to you!

  4. I start classes next week and am sooooooooo not looking forward to buying/renting textbooks. Last semester I rented all of mine through chegg and still ended up paying about $200 total (4 classes, 5 books). Ridiculous!

    New follower from the Friday Hop :)

  5. That's so insane!! Good luck on your semester!

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