Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday~*

Yesterday my husband & I went out thrifting while the kids were at school.  We normally get to go out shopping & taking in the sites a few times before Christmas, but this year we did the Black Friday thing instead.  Don't get me wrong, Black Friday was an experience, but I did miss strolling through the streets searching out that perfect gift , sipping coffee & enjoying the time together.

So yesterday we snuck out while the sneaking was good.  We've had another odd winter, only the one snow so far.  Today was warmer {in the 50s} & drizzly & gray.  Still, it was beautiful in its own Tennessee way~*

No real rants or even thoughts for this Thursday.  Just gratitude for a fine day out, a few treasures found {some of which will be making their way to The Closet as up coming craft projects} & the best husband ever~*

Here are some random pics from the day...

And here are some finds found but left behind~*

On that last pic-- when I was in high school, I had a deep infatuation with all things 1920's-1940's.  Before you think me too strange, I was a teenager in the second half of the 1980's...seriously.  The 1920's - 1940's held much more glamour for me than the crap we were cranking out in the 80's.  I used to blast Frank Sinatra on the little record player in my room.  Weird, right?  Explains a lot about me really~*


'Round about that time Linda Ronstadt did a series of torchlight albums arranged & accompanied by the Nelson Riddle Orchestra.  They are awesome, all of them.  Lush Life was the 2nd album.  Its sleeve was a hat box-- the "lid" portion slid up & off revealing the album beneath.  Way cool.  At least to me at the time.  Still really.  I had all of the albums, then bought the CDs & now have the digital versions on my Cloud Player~*

We don't own a record player, or I would have been tempted to buy the album again for old times sake.  Funny, when CDs first came out the big selling point was that you could hear the music the way the artist intended, without the zips & pops natural to a vinyl album.  And now nostalgic folks argue you should hear the vinyl because the zips & pops are authentic.  Sigh.  

I'll take my music digitally, thanks.  Endless copies & downloads & no clunky storage~*


There is something dreamy & romantic about music from that era.  I love it. We own days & days of Sinatra, Bennett, Shore, Holiday-- all the greats.  Ronstadt did a fine job covering the songs.  You should check it out~*

Tomorrow I'll be co-hosting the Friday Chaos Hop.  Be sure to stop by & join the fun!  It really is a great way to find new blogs, new blog readers & a bunch of bloggy friends.  

Until then, have a marvelous Thursday!