Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wandering the Web~*

I've had a bit of time to surf the favorite pastime {next to sewing & WOW}.  Along the way I've bookmarked sites to share.  Most of them tend to be how-to oriented 'cos that's the way my mind works...anyway.

You gotta check these out!

1.  Incredibly awesome things to do with contact paper

2.  Renowned graffiti artist, political activist & painter Banksy-- you must peruse his gallery, it is amazing.

3.  This shop is wonderfullly odd.  Seriously.  Check it out.

4.  Part of our attempt to eat more consciously involves making out menus for the week.  To that end, we've found some awesome recipe sites & here's one worth sharing!  Avocado wasabi soup?  Yes please~*

5.  Trying to find a color palette for a room redo?  Wondering what to paint a frame to match your existing decor?  This site will help you out!

6.  My wonderful hubby & I are going thrifting this afternoon {whilst the kinder are at school & whilst we are still on break.  Whilst.  I'm bringing it back.} So anyway.  We always frequent book shops & have often wondered what to do with books that are cool looking & ├╝ber cheap but too damaged for reading.  Welp, here's what you can do.  A lot of what you can dos, actually.  Sweet!

7.    Need to get it together & love a good craft?  Here are 25 ways to craft your way into gorgeous organization~*

8.  And since we are making lists, anyone else think Anthropologie is fantastic but way out of price range?  Here is a list of 25 Anthro-knock offs to make at a fraction of the price!

9.  Anyone else a compulsive glass jar hoarder?  Here are some great ideas for what to do with 'em.  Now if I could only find a companion what-to-do-with-glass-bottles list, I'll be in business.

10.  And last, but certainly not least, don't forget to enter my Firmoo giveaway!


  1. Great stuff! Love the book lamp and the Banksy. We have a book on his stuff. My husband loves him. I also am a jar hoarder. My mom gave me lots of vintage jars. Have a wonderful day with your hubby!

  2. Fun stuff! Oh jars are all over here, too. That soup looks delicious.

  3. Hello there! Linking up from Tuesday Tango and following. Nice to meet you! Coco

  4. I love that book lamp, and the sink is just WEIRD.

  5. Love the glass jar ideas, I'm definitely going to have to start keeping them from now on! Thanks for the inspiration :)

    Kate @ Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  6. Fun and cool ideas! I'm not sure i could handle a fish tank sink, but the creativity amazes me.

  7. The yarn basket is great! I don't knit but it would be a great basket to keep books in at my bedside. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Cool Blog! I'm coming for Yours Truly!


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