Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Foxy Tuesday How-To~*

In keeping with my quest to focus this final week of February's posts to things I love, today's how to is my favorite thing to make-- a cute, crafty pillow.

I don't know why I love making these little guys, I just do.

For this foxy fellow, I used:

  • white & red fleece
  • iron on light weight interfacing {to keep the white fleece from pulling}
  • 3 black buttons-- to eyes & a nose
  • stuffing-- I used a fluffy polyfil
 I cut a 12x12 square for the body, then cut the triangle for the snout and the circle for the belly to fit.  The tail I freehanded-- attach the tail to the body as pictured-- be sure to attach the tail to the back piece on the opposite side from the front. Which sounds odd, but should be obvious when you see the picture!
I did leave an opening on the body & the tail, to allow for adequate stuffing.  I used a blanket stitch to close it up...& I think the rest is self-explanatory!

And there he is!

No worries if you aren't particularly crafty.  This foxy gentleman is my contribution to the giveaway we are holding Thursday!  Be sure to check back in & enter to win him & tons of other really wonderful prizes from my sidebar bloggie buddies~*

Have a crafty sort of Tuesday!