Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion Friday with a Dash of Random~*

We only took pictures one day this week.  The snow melted but rains have taken their place & I figure one umbrella photo shoot was enough.

I got home from work Wednesday & the Things came out with a Poosh in tow & Thing 3 experimented with filters on her new camera & a good time was had by all.  Including Poosh, who got to run around the side yard, where he normally isn't allowed, under the watchful gaze of Thing 2.

The pics this week have an old timey flair.  As I said, Thing 3 puttered with the fancy settings & played with her camera. My outfit that day was sort of a 1970s does the 1920s ensemble, so the filters fit.  I did add frames & crop some of the pics ever so slightly, but the rest was all Thing 3.  She even managed to play paparazzi with the usually camera annoyed Thing 2~*

I think they came out cool~*

My dress is another eShakti creation.  I told you I've gone a little mad for them.  I got this one on sale from their autumn collection: its soft black on brown shadow stripe with a golden brown leaf print and sweet little ruffles.  The sweater was from last year-- a Victoria's Secret sale purchase.  The shoes have been in my possession for over a decade now- -vintage Candies clogs like the cool kids wore when I was a lass. I actually had their soles repaired and leather polished up by a local cobbler last summer and they look just like new.  They are my favorite shoes, hands down.  The knit cloche-esque hat....I can't even remember when or where I picked it up.

 Lynaea over at EveryDay Bloom had a great post the other day about when and why women should/could/would like to dress up.  When is it appropriate to put on the party dress? 
I tend to look at my wardrobe almost as costuming-- a reasonable amount of eccentricity is sort of expected in academia, particularly in the humanities.  Every so often I'll put on colored denim {that feel like jeans but give me plausible deniability should I be questioned} or khakis and a sweater, out of sheer laziness-- especially on Fridays when I have the one long class.  But most days I play dress up, as you've seen here at The Closet.   It's fun & isn't that what life is supposed to be?

Speaking of fun, several of the wonderful bloggers I challenged yesterday are posting thier random facts today & over the weekend!  Please please spend some time getting to know them-- you won't be disappointed.  We've been emailing a lot the past few days, and they really are a smashing grand group well worth getting to know.   Pay them a visit, join their blog journey through GFC & be sure to introduce yourself!

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Have a great weekend!


  1. Ohhhh, love your shoes! They look fab with tights too- cosy.Rx

  2. You are such a beautiful mama! And I just got my first eShakti dress. Fits me like a glove! I think I'm in love with the whole measurements for size thing. :) Thanks for the link love!

  3. The photos are wonderful, the outfit is lovely and the kids are gorgeous! Have a fantastic weekend. I'm afraid we have the snow here now. ;)

  4. I love your dress, and you're right it goes really well with the retro vibe photo filter. What a talented Thing!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  5. Love the outfit, so pretty and fun photos too!

  6. You are all just plain beautiful. Way to go mixing 70's with 20's (Charlie's Angel meets the Great Gatsby works for me). Love the photos, and I have serious shoe envy. My husband has re-soled shoes lots of times...I want a pair that's good enough to resole too. (= What/Who is Poosh? I'll investigate, after I give this flu a little rest. Lynaea @

  7. Duh (lightbulb!)...poosh is your pooch with a "sh" of endearment. I really am fuzzy. Yikes.

  8. Thanks for sharing! I am totally obsessed with their dresses now :)


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