Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday Thoughts: Random with a Bloggie Challenge~*

Okay, life seems somewhat less spectacular now that I've become Loremaster.  Isn't that the thing with goals?  Once you accomplish them things are a little less sparkly 'til you come up with the next one.  LOL

So.  Lets get random.

I'm issuing a challenge to the awesome bloggers who have posted buttons on my right.  You really must check them out.  Tell them I sent you~*

Back to the challenge:

5 Random Facts about yourself.  They don't have to be deeply personal, just random...&, you know, facts.


I'm allergic to everything.  No kidding.  I used to have to get weekly shots as a kid.  I was one of those wheezy, pale children who got picked last for everything & read encyclopedias for fun.  I'm allergic to grasses, hay, pollen & smog.  I also have food allergies-- wheat, citrus, milk..I'm allergic to pork chops.  Who the hell is allergic to pork chops?
Like all allergies, I can tolerate small amounts of what I'm allergic too, but if I go in to overload its  not a good thing-- I stop absorbing minerals from food, get iron deficiency anemia and malnutrition and generally fall apart.  I was recently told by my allergist that I should probably stick to chicken and plain white rice as much as possible.
Uhm.  No.
I'm particularly allergic to pecans and maple trees.  Tell me those aren't weird things to be particularly allergic to, go ahead.  I have an inhaler too.  For my asthma.  Sweet.
I suppose adding that I'm not much of an outdoor person would be superfluous, no?
I also have related hearing loss, which I found endlessly entertaining.  What I think I hear is so much better than what people actually say.  Subsequently I hate talking on the phone.  I never hear what I am supposed to hear on the phone.  Its most frustrating.
All that said, I don't really worry about any of it that much & generally don't talk about it.  It just is what it is, its not a problem~*

I could look at Misha Collins for days.

Dreamy with a large dreee & smaller but no less significant meee. Sigh.  And your welcome for the hunk break.

I don't watch tv & I don't mean that in a smug way. I mean I am incapable of watching television shows like a normal person. I don't really connect with television characters in a way that makes me care what happens to them,  which sounds psychotic, but bear with me.  Even if I like a show, like Supernatural, which is where I first noticed Misha & which I found mildly entertaining for a few days,   I  eventually get bored & forget to watch it.  I just...drift off.  My favorite shows are ones with actors that I'm so familiar with I can be in another room while its on & still know what is happening.  I like television as long as I don't have to pay attention to it, or care about it, or keep up with it.  I don't sit and watch a show-- I do other things while shows happen to be on.
I don't go to movie theaters either.  Why go to a theater with people you like but can't talk to for two hours while you sit together in an uncomfortable chair in the dark?  Don't get me wrong, I am in no way criticizing people who enjoy going to movies-- my own phenomenal husband likes a good flick now and again.  He takes the Things, who also enjoy them.  Its just not my bag.  I used to like them when I was a kid, but then, there wasn't the option of being able to watch them at home back then (vcrs got popular when I was in high school}.
Oh, and this whole thing doesn't apply to pc or video games because I am controlling the games, so I am doing something-- and active participant as opposed to an observer .  Combining all of this with the aforementioned allergies & asthma & hearing thing officially makes me extremely weird & eccentric, but I'm cool with it~*

I find nonsense hysterically funny.  The more ridiculous the better.  My husband and I have long, nonsense conversations where we argue a ridiculous point or debate a nonsensical "fact."  Surreal, bizarre, random-- all of that stuff suits me to a tee.  I don't really get whatcha-call bathroom humor, or sitcom humor, not because of any social conformity or offense, but I just don't get why its funny.  Now this... funny.

Or this.  Or this.  Or anything by this man, or this one.

I have incredibly vivid, incredibly bizarre dreams.  And I remember them.  I can manipulate my dream story lines & change outcomes {ie lucid dreaming}.  Its awesome.  Unfortunately I also have chronic insomnia, so there's that {I have a feeling the two are related}.  But when I sleep, man, its a good time waiting to be had~*

Childhood Dream by The Song  found on DeviantART

Okay my fellow bloggers, time to random up!  

Rainbows & Honeysuckle {who are excused from the game since they just had a beautiful baby boy!}

I think that is all of you--  let me know when your randoms go live!

And please, if you are not an ad swapper feel free to play the random game anyway & share a link to your blog & the date you will post our randoms in my comments.  I'll be sure to add it to my blog post the day you go live!

And now...random squirrel memes to finish off this random post.  Because life is just better with more squirrel~*


  1. I really like this post! I'm with on the allergies, I'm allergic to basically everything in nature, but luckily I don't have any food allergies besides nuts. I'm super allergic to horses though. Did you know that people who are allergic to almonds are almost always allergic to horses? So weird. At least I can avoid horses easily.

  2. Fun! I love learning little facts about fellow bloggers. Great idea, you.

  3. I think I am the exact OPPOSITE of you when it comes to TV lol.

  4. I've got my 5 Random Things blog live now!

    Check it out:

  5. I usually try and do a random post about everything that's happened during our week because it's easy :) I'll try my hardest to post 5 random things about me today!

  6. Loooove the squirrels! My daughter will eep (new word). Almost as good as the "Booyah" pic over at jellybones... And your dream picture. That is cool. And I'm freaking out about Terry Pratchett. This is the guy who wrote the wee people books? My sister has been nagging me to read them. Lynaea @

  7. 5 random facts about me done, see

    Thanks for the idea!


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