Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday's Motivations: Lovey Dovey Edition~*

Because of my snow musings last week, I didn't do quotations as per normal & thus didn't pick a theme for the month.  Actually, being February, the theme is fairly obvious.
Here are some quotations to get you in the mood for romance~*

As a side note to all this lovey-doviness, we don't actually celebrate Valentine's day at our house.  We celebrate Thing 1's birthday instead, because...well, its Thing 1's birthday.    That doesn't mean we have anything against Valentine's day, we just chose to happily sacrifice it--  after all, it would pretty hard to top a gift as wonderful, beautiful & life changing as Thing 1.

I mean, seriously,

Wook at dat widdle face!  Hard to believe that face, & the rest of her, is going to be 20 on Thursday.  Sigh.  More Thing 1 retrospective on Valentine's.

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Here's hoping you have the loveliest of days~*