Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How To-zday...meh...

My how to is on delay as I finished up some prize winners' pieces.

So since I am a how to fail yet again this week, I thought I'd hook ya up to stumbled upon how to's instead.  Wouldn't want you to go away empty handed~*

20 Crafty Ways to Use Fabric Scraps.  I've been saving mine up just to try some of these out.

So so many loves for this jersey weave sweatshirt idea.  Definitely on my list of things to do-- I love, no, I lurve sweatshirts.  This is beyond the best way I've ever seen to dress them up~*

Speaking of pretty how tos-- this is another one going on my list of definitely doings.  I love those bird nest necklaces & yet, I hate birds-- I think maybe it is my psyche's attempt at mastering fear, this desire for bird's nest jewelry & bird patterned dresses...hmmm...

And since I seem to be mostly wardrobe DIY minded today, this purse has been waiting for me to make it for a while now.  I don't have any clutches...perfect excuse to get sewing~*

For the last one, I'm stealing blatantly from my Mom.  She decided to paint her fireplace & it came out wonderfully.  The color opens the room way up, but leaving the grout gray left a visually interesting wall instead of a big blank spot.

I love it & am more than a little envious that I hadn't thought of it lol.

Next week, I will have my tutorials in order & will be back on track with some homemade how tos just for you.  I promise.  You can count on me~*