Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Web Wandering Wednesday~*

Oooh ho ho,  I have a few places for you to visit this week...Lots o'lists of goodies.

1.  If you've been reading for a while, you may have noticed I have a thing for street art.  Its my favorite.  I think its from growing up in a graffiti ridden city-- it seems so personal & often wonderfully political.  Anyway, here are the top street art photos from 2012.

2.  Life hacks.  I love these.  Who doesn't need mundane things to be a bit easier?

3.  I am a homebody.  I love my little Cecilia, my stupid little house that is one year younger than me.  And I'm printing up this list of 10 things to do to make yourself happier at home & sticking it to my fridge~*

4.  They say exercising the ole gray matter helps one stay young & sharp.  How about figuring out the answers to these 20 unsolved mysteries?  Oh yeah, we're gonna live forever~*

5.  And finally, here are 30 random facts.  I haven't actually checked to see how "fact-y" they are, but hey, its fun for entertainment purposes at least~*

Have a stellar Wednesday!


  1. I love that street art, I wish we had some really nice stuff in my city. Ours is basically curse words on telephone poles, and penises on the sidewalk but I love it when it's personal and well done.

  2. I love graffiti too! Nice picks from the web. I particularly like the 10 things to do to make yourself happier at home. I am still working on that making the bed thing though. ;)

  3. That's some really beautiful graffiti! I love street art when it's done well and actually art- but we've got a lot of half assed tags that just depress me. If you're going to do it take some pride :)


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