Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday's Brain Fogged Thoughts

I seem to have come down with a cold, or something similar.  Could be the plague but I doubt it.  Just typical cold stuff with an additional dash of fatigue brought on by a particularly lousy night's sleep.

It started when I got home from work yesterday & wasn't really interested in doing anything except sitting.  Which means I didn't set up my Thursday's blog post.  So now at 5:30 am while I am listening to the sounds of my groggy teenagers slamming around their rooms getting ready for school, this is the best I can do.

Funny that Kate at Just Pirouette & Carry On was just writing about when and how often to make blog posts & quality over quantity.  Also funny how I chirped in about how I don't feel particularly obligated to write every day, though I do have a weekly schedule.  I guess I'm more particular about daily posting than I thought.

The truth is, I just don't want to flip to my blog & see Wednesday's post staring at me all day.  Especially not when I have been struck low with the plague.  It would aggravate me, & I shouldn't be aggravated in this delicate, congested condition.

I think colds are just about the worse thing ever.  You aren't sick enough to skip work & lay around in jammies all day, but you feel gross & you can't breathe.  And the brain fog.  Yesterday I was lecturing & I couldn't think of the word "life boat."  I called them "life savers," "life preservers," and  "those little wooden boats that hang off big ships."  One of my students finally filled in the blank.

I was talking about the RMS Lusitania, & the emergency drills they ran before heading in to u-boat infested waters, in case you are wondering.

Anyway, enough complaining.  I shall throw you a little wooden ship that hangs off a big boat & change the subject.

Earlier this week, our campus had a concert.  Our campus is really, amazingly awesome at getting cool people to come talk, play or perform several times every semester.  This particular group, The Qadim Ensemble,  is out of San Francisco (hometown boys!), with musicians from all over the Middle East.  They played a combination of Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish & Persian music, with some songs being as old as the 15th century.  I was lucky enough to be able to take my honors humanities class to see them in a short afternoon performance, & it was the coolest thing ever.  They explained their music, the history of their instruments-- really awesome.  Here's a link to an old NPR interview with them, though the members of the group have since changed.   I recorded several bits on my phone with the intent of doing a sort of "day in the life" post this morning.

But that was before the plague, of course.

Now I can't find the cord to connect my phone to my computer & am too tired to look for it.  Sorry.

YouTube to the rescue!

I came home & bought their mp3 album.  You should too, they really are good.


I'll stop breathing on you now.  Wouldn't want you to catch the plague.

Have a great Thursday~*