Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Simple Wednesday Web~*

I don't know why everything I seem to do here needs a theme.  I suppose its just how my brain works.  I'm the sort of person that, when trying to place something randomly, inadvertently creates a very obvious pattern.
Even wandering the web.  I always end up seeking & organizing my finds in thematic waves.  I would imagine that should someone track my Wednesday web wandering posts over the next year, one would get an unexpected glimpse in to my psyche.  Compiled facts, visual images &/or ideas, posted in groups, forming an Escher-esque optical illusion of my mental patterns.

MC Escher, Bond of Union, 1956

All of that pseudo-psycho-self-analysis leads to this:  today's web wanderings, all about simplicity & balance.

Simplicity.  I needs it~*

I love of these 43 ways to simplify your life, but I'm particularly partial to #s 15, 24 & 30~*

The Balanced Rock Sculptures of Michael Grab Rely Solely on Gravity rocks land art balance

The balanced rock sculptures of Michael Grab-- relying solely on gravity.  How awesome is that-- a real, visual definition of balance & simplicity.

Occam's Razor.  The philosophic version of simplicity-- & a useful principle in the study of history~*

I found this incredibly amusing-- professional studies that demonstrate the power of simplicity-- it actually has been tested and proven to make a profound difference, all in ways you might not think of.

And lastly... simplicity~*

Now breathe.

The work week is half way done~*

Hang in there!