Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How To-zday Given the Boot{stuffers}

I can not, in good conscience  take complete creative credit for today's craft.  A friend of Thing 1 gave her a store bought set, & I was inspired to make my own.  I have a few pairs of boots that tend to dip & sag when left to their own devices in the closet-- & when I remember to, I jam them full of papers to help them hold their shape & protect the leather from creasing.  When Thing 1 showed me her gifted boot stuffers, I knew I had to get sewing {& slapped myself on the forehead for not thinking of it myself}.  They are much easier to insert & remove than wadded paper, & they look nicer to boot~*


The boots in question, paper {I used shipping paper} & pen to make the pattern
Enough fabric to cut 4 {2 pieces per boot}
Stuffing {I used the plastic bags we had accumulated from days we forgot to bring our shopping bag to the store}
Cedar chips-- not necessary, just a nice touch

The rest is easy~*

It took me, oh, maybe 30 minutes to make them {including time spent foraging around for the supplies in my craft closet}.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy~*
The Bass boots, that I purchased over a decade ago on sale & have adored ever since, will be shapely & uncreased for another ten years.  Now to get back to sewing another set for the beautiful black riding boots my Mom gave me~*

Have a crafty Tuesday!


  1. Brilliant idea! I am forever plagued by the scourge that is floppy boots. Not good.

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  2. Cool! Great Idea! I love the cedar chip concept...hey...or lavender! Got lots of that...mmm my closet would smell nice. And my feet. Did I catch a glimpse of a cool rustic table upon which your boots were sitting? And...I'm thinking this idea might work for sandals as well? Keep them from crushing. Lynaea @ EverydayBloom.com

  3. This is perfect, I need to make these for my boots!

  4. thanks for sharing this! i have boots in my closet now that could use a pair of these! and this is just my type of diy...simple!
    enjoy your wednesday and for the record, i think you absolutely could rock a leather skirt!

  5. Oh my gosh Tabetha. You are a genius. My boots are constantly flopped over in my closet. Why have I not thought of these before??? I don't know how to sew, but I'm hoping to learn this year, and I will definitely be making some of these!



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