Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday: Blue skies with a side of snow~*

So this was our Saturday...

Just enough snow to justify a fire & cocoa & coziness.  By Sunday, we had residual cold & a little ice, but mostly clear skies & all but the lightest dusting of snow melted away... 
I really love winter. Actually I love all the seasons if you get right down to it.  I spent the first half of my life in northern California, where seasonal changes are subtle.  Out here, in our mountains, each season is dramatically different with its own feel & flavor.  It's awesome.  Well, everything but high summer, where it gets really hot...which sort of sucks...
Anyway.  Back to things worth loving~*

Before I let you get on with your day, here are a few pics from Thing 1's birthday last week, including her present {a kindle fire hd} & her "I'm 20 bee-yatches" boogie~*

Here's wishing you all a smashing grand kick off to a smashing grand week!


  1. What stunning snow pictures! And great boogie-king there Thing 1! Wish I could throw shapes like look so alike Tabetha! Did you teach her all your best moves?? ;)

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  2. You guys are so cute together.

    We have snow on the ground and heavy rain coming down. Not pretty. Good thing I work at home. ;)

    Have a lovely day! Jo

  3. I love your snow pictures. Beautiful. And yes I cherish my humble silky life. Silky? Yes, silky. The last quote---actually the picture---reminded me of a book I loved as a child. "Hold My Hand", a simple book with simple illustrations of two children in the snow, with the very spare words "I'm cold, hold my hand". Your celebration looks sweet. You do all look cute together. Lynaea @


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