Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How To-zday: Mug Pin Cushion

So here's the deal.  

I desperately needed a pin cushion.  I had a wee tomato one, but it was, as duly described, wee.  And I use a lot of pins.  The tomato was insufficient.  Which isn't a sentence you hear every day.

I had a sweet pair of vintage milk glass mugs on hand.  I picked up the mugs online a year or so ago. I had intended to use them as, well, mugs-- but they had already begun to show a little wear & tear, so they had been regulated to an upper shelf in our cupboard while I waited for the right craft to present itself.  Not too long ago, I began using one of the pair as a button jar.  So when I decided to make a pin cushion, I thought the matching mug would be perfect~*

I had some red flannel left over from the fox pillow I made a few posts back.  Other supplies included: red embroidery thread, a needle, stuffing {to which I added lavender, because one can never have enough lavender}, embellishments & a glue gun.  

The only "tricky" bit {& I use that term loosely} was that I stitched a wide gather stitch around the flannel, then pulled the strings to make a bag holding the stuffing-- everything else should be easily discernible in the pictures~*

Now lets get crafting!

Mental note, red photographs badly.  I think that every time I photograph red, but always forget.  Sigh.


Easy!  They will look super sweet on a craft table in the cutesy craft room I will be creating this summer *giggle*

Now I'm off to read some blogs, sip some coffee & try to wake up before heading to work.  Its gonna be a good day, I can feel it~*

I get to go do a little shopping after work today.  Nothing exciting, just groceries, but shopping by myself  is always a treat.  Anyone else out there enjoy wandering the aisles, looking for interesting things & people watching?  Then I pick up Thing 2 from track.  He passed his final driving test yesterday {yay!} so is now street legal.  But his car-- the mister's truck that he got from his dad & is now passing down-- isn't.  We are waiting for our tax return to take it to the mechanic for a final once-over.


When we get home, Thing 3 & I are doing fashion photos...maybe...if it isn't too rainy out & I'm not too tired.  For my birthday dinner, we are having pizza {luckily several local joints offer gluten free options}.  Which means no kitchen mess to clean up, yay!!  And the beautiful Thing 1 is supposed to bring me chocolately goodness.  Woop!

Whatcha ya'll got going on this fine Tuesday?