Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Motivations for a Mindful March~*

Lately I've been complaining quite a bit-- about the weather, about feeling sick, about being tired.  I'm not a complainer usually, I promise.  I think its just that time of the semester & that time of year, when my brain gets fatigued & when winter wears thin.  
I guess I'm getting a bit of the blahs.
No fear.  New month, new theme for The Closet.  
I'm really digging this whole monthly theme thing, by the way.  It helps me focus, & I always need help focusing.  I am...aware of myself, if that makes sense.  

I need to be more conscious of things-- what I'm doing, and perhaps more importantly what I'm avoiding doing. My grad school mentor once told me that knowing what I don't know is just as important as knowing what I do know, & I think of that often. Realizing my weaknesses, being aware of the hundreds of little decisions I've made over the course of the day & why I've made them-- being mindful, being aware. 

Where do you go to find your zen?  How do you stay mindful & motivated?

I hope you'll enjoy taking a mindful journey with me this month-- here are some quotes to get it kicked off right~*