Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wandering the Web to Get My Brain Going~*

It is amazing how many articles, videos, apps & attachments have been created to help folks lead a more mindful life.

Luckily I love research.

I'm including some art images with the links because...well, because I wanted to, really.  Its good to be blog king~*

Beginning at the beginning, here's a great article on how to be more mindful from Duke University's site, Duke Medicine.

from: Schalle, Brain
I'm sure you've heard of TED talks.  99u is based on a similar principle-- videos, articles, ideas to inspire.  It takes its name from the Edison quotation, "Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration," and it provides the tools to get your brain going.  My favorite articles thus far?   What Happened to Downtime? The Extinction of Deep Thinking & Sacred Space.

from: Artful Living
Anyone else have a problem staying active after getting home from work?  There is still plenty of daylight to get things done when I get home, but I struggle to get all but the most basic things done-- the temptation to just shut down is so strong.  I'm definitely going to give the ideas from How to Stay Productive After Work a shot.  Well, all of 'em except the getting up early one.  As it is, I get up at 5:30, and that's about as early as I am capable of doing.

from: Alexander Kaula, Self Awareness
How about turning your phone into a pocket motivator?  Here are some recommended apps to help keep focused; for Droid as well as iPhone.

from:  Rob Petit Cell Phone Art
Do you talk to yourself?  I most definitely do, all the time.  Not full conversations, & not generally out-loud {that said, I do mumble to myself when I'm going through mental lists, or complete a task, or suddenly remember something I don't want to re-forget...}  Anyway.  Turns out I'm not crazy.  At least, I'm not crazy for talking to myself.

from: RenĂ© MaltĂȘte
Feeling inspired?

from: Laurent Chehere, House 10

Then get out there & own this Wednesday!  Mindfully of course~*


  1. Some interesting links up there! Now to only find the time in my day...

  2. I am just so impressed by the research. And madly in love with the flying tent. Sigh. I love TED talks; I think (mindfully think) that I'll check out 99u. Thank you for posting all this. Lynaea @

  3. I like the images, and look forward to checking out the links. I definitely talk to myself- a lot!


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