Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday: Springing Across the Web

I am tired of waiting for spring.  I feel like we are in a holding pattern.  Its not that I mind winter-- it is well documented on The Closet how I adore winter & the snow.  But at this point, it feels like everything is on hold while we wait for winter to give up & move on & let the springtime in.

It is snowing again this morning.  Not nice, pretty, fluffy snow.  The gray-brown sludgy sort that makes everything look drab & dingy.

I'm tired of it.  I'm going to let the springtime in, whether winter is ready to hit the road or not.

Wanna help?

Here are some of my springtime links {they are the colored phrases in the descriptions below}-- you can add yours own favorite links in the comments.  Lets make it a celebration of the spring to be!

Click play & peruse away~*

More spring music at 8tracks Radio

eShakti Spring Dresses.  Nothing says springtime like a sundress.  Sigh.  You really need to browse, right now~*

Gluten Free Springtime Recipes.  Have I mentioned I love veggies?  I do.  I love veggies.

Springtime flower arrangements from Martha Stewart.  You can say what you want about the woman, but you can not deny her taste & talent.  I adore this egg cup arrangement, but there are dozens of other ideas for spring arrangements here.

Lastly, a little inspiration.  SF Girl by Bay is a great bohemian style blog to check out.  Add her to your Bloglovin roster so you don't miss anything.  Lots of inspiration & no, I don't know her in any way-- just a fan, not at all stalker-ish...{and it has nothing to do with her hailing from my home turf 'neither~*}.

Please, please, please leave your favorite spring links/decor finds/happy happy spring time sites.  I need a warm weather fix!  I need open windows & flowers!  ACK!!

Oh, & have a wonderful {and spring-centric} Wednesday~*


  1. It isn't snowing here anymore (knock on wood) but we still have a TON on the ground from the last snowstorm. Definitely isn't feeling springy yet.

  2. Oh, you poor thing! More snow? We appear to be done with that...I hope. Although everything still looks very dreary. It might sound pathetic, but I'm looking forward to spring cleaning...opening up the windows to let a breeze in and cleaning out old toys, old clothes, broken appliances, dust and dog hair.

    Here's a link to 7 steps to keeping a clean house:


    1. I was so naïve. It's snowing right now! Actually it's more like small hail. Sigh. :(

  3. Beautiful spring sights and colors! We are all waiting... but it will come eventually. I hope!

  4. Still snowing here too. I'm even sick of being sick of it!!

    Those dresses are gorgeous. Utterly gorgeous!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  5. It snowed here for the first time this winter on Monday! ha! Only lasted about an hour, but at least I got a little bit before spring. I am SO excited about rhubarb and asparagus. Two of my faves. :)


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