Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday: Springing Across the Web

I am tired of waiting for spring.  I feel like we are in a holding pattern.  Its not that I mind winter-- it is well documented on The Closet how I adore winter & the snow.  But at this point, it feels like everything is on hold while we wait for winter to give up & move on & let the springtime in.

It is snowing again this morning.  Not nice, pretty, fluffy snow.  The gray-brown sludgy sort that makes everything look drab & dingy.

I'm tired of it.  I'm going to let the springtime in, whether winter is ready to hit the road or not.

Wanna help?

Here are some of my springtime links {they are the colored phrases in the descriptions below}-- you can add yours own favorite links in the comments.  Lets make it a celebration of the spring to be!

Click play & peruse away~*

More spring music at 8tracks Radio

eShakti Spring Dresses.  Nothing says springtime like a sundress.  Sigh.  You really need to browse, right now~*

Gluten Free Springtime Recipes.  Have I mentioned I love veggies?  I do.  I love veggies.

Springtime flower arrangements from Martha Stewart.  You can say what you want about the woman, but you can not deny her taste & talent.  I adore this egg cup arrangement, but there are dozens of other ideas for spring arrangements here.

Lastly, a little inspiration.  SF Girl by Bay is a great bohemian style blog to check out.  Add her to your Bloglovin roster so you don't miss anything.  Lots of inspiration & no, I don't know her in any way-- just a fan, not at all stalker-ish...{and it has nothing to do with her hailing from my home turf 'neither~*}.

Please, please, please leave your favorite spring links/decor finds/happy happy spring time sites.  I need a warm weather fix!  I need open windows & flowers!  ACK!!

Oh, & have a wonderful {and spring-centric} Wednesday~*