Monday, April 22, 2013

Awesome Monday- The Last Full Week

Its the last full week of classes-- each class, except Friday, has 3 class periods left in the semester (Friday has only one 3 hour period left).

Things are starting to get pleasantly crazy & plenty busy.

To that end, instead of creating my graphics for today's awesome quotes post, I'm borrowing from 'round the web instead~*

Do forgive me all for being so lax in commenting this past week, and no doubt this week too.  My brain is pretty well toasted by the end of the day & I haven't anything clever to say or add or comment.  Not that I haven't been reading {I have} and not that I don't love all of your blogs {I do}.

Summer is so close I can taste it.  Farmer's markets & drowsy days & craft projects & room redos.  Sigh.


Please enjoy the quotes & have a splendorous Monday!

These quote graphics & more available at Imgfave